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Here is how we help athletes gain FREE exposure.  Click Here  complete the player profile registration form once completed we will begin sending out your Highlights, Player profile, and Athletic resume to college coaches across the country.  A completed registration allows you to become eligible for the Bdoc Sports student athlete scholarship.

Throughout my years of playing football from youth organizations all the way through my professional football career, I have learned "The Film Don't Lie!"  A baller is a baller no matter where they play sports they just need the exposure.  So athletes please register today so Bdoc Sports can help you gain the exposure and opportunity you need to earn a college scholarship.



Parents you want to know your role in getting your son or daughter a scholarship?  Your role is very simple stay involved we like to use the acronym SAFE (Socially, Academically, Financially, Ethically).  As a parent you must stay involved in these areas of your athletes life to give them the best opportunity at a scholarship.  If you would like our FREE guide Click Here.

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