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Our goal is to help athletes and parents be part of the 2% of athletes that earn a college scholarship.  Every year thousands of student-athletes and their parents come to harsh reality of the dedication, time, patience and work ethic that is required to get recruited and gain exposure to earn a scholarship.  At Bdoc Sports, we understand how challenging this process can be.  My mom was a single mom with two boys that played sports and no one in our family had ever attending college on athletic scholarship.  Our mother did not no where to begin in the recruiting process she just understood my brother and I played sports and coaches, parents, and other players would say your sons are good at sports.  No one ever explained how to gain exposure being good locally did not always translate into an athletic scholarship.  We had heard make highlight films and send them out to colleges but back then your highlights were on VHS not hudl or youtube, it cost money that we did not have to send out VHS to every coach in the country.  So it is hard to gain exposure if coaches are not seeing your highlights.  I was blessed and a college coach seen me playing basketball at the YMCA and asked where was I going to college to play football and I said nowhere because no one has contacted me about playing football on a scholarship.  It only takes exposure, exposure and more exposure so that a coach can see you and give you and opportunity.

 So what do we do at Bdoc Sports, we offer a FREE athletic consulting service with emphasis in recruiting and exposure.   How do we do this exactly we have combined Old School hardwork, time and effort with new age technology, innovativeness, and algorithms and fused it into one progam called FACTS(Finding Athletes College Teams Scholarships).  The facts are most athletes and parents don't have the time, energy, resources, network, patience, or knowledge it takes to get highlight film, athletic/academic resume, and player profiles to all the colleges that best suite the athlete.  We understand the biometrics, athletic attributes, and academic requirements college coaches are looking for when recruiting student athletes.  So let Bdoc Sports help you earn a athletic scholarship.

Our Mission - Finding Athletes College Teams Scholarships.

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